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Organizational Profile

Name of the organization: Candlelight for Health, Education & Environment (CLHE)

Date of establishment: 20th October, 1995
Nature of Candlelight: Candlelight is a voluntary, purely humanitarian, non-profit making organization
Contact person (s): Ahmed Ibrahim Awale
Mrs. Shukri Ismail

Areas of operations: All Regions of Somaliland

Our Vision

Candlelight as a developmental organization envisions a community that is literate, skilled, healthy, economically self-reliant and enjoying in ideal social justice; living in clean, protected and self-sustaining environment


1) Local and external fund-raising.
2) Project submitted to LNGOs and UN agencies


Candlelight for Health, Education and Environment (CLHE) was founded in 1995 as a non-profit making organization, dedicated to development issues in under-served and/or marginalized Somaliland communities.

Since 1995 till this day, Candlelight has grown from a modest beginning of working in one office room donated by another local NGO, and a staff composed of one Director, supported by five volunteer social workers, with highly limited coverage, to far-fledged organization with interventions in all over Somaliland regions and four sectoral departments viz. education, health, environment and income generation.

The formation of the organization coincided with an eruption of internal civil strife in parts of Somaliland, and its first activities focused on addressing the needs of the displaced communities from Burao, the regional capital of Togdheer Region.

Here is a brief on the overall interventions of Candlelight:


Candlelight for Health, Education & Environment was created as an independent non – governmental organization to address the following sectors: health, educational, environment and income-generation.
CLHE strives to contribute to the development of sustainable structures that can provide adequate and qualitative services to the needy communities. To this effort, CLHE will provide expertise, fund-raising, logistics and facilitation support aimed at empowering community to overcome social and economic problems. Candlelight is committed to raise resources on behalf of these communities, and implement effective and relevant projects that contribute to sustainable development.
The role and benefit of women will be a priority in all of CLHE’s interventions. Income generation will be aimed at empowering communities so they can afford to meet their economic and social needs. The education sector will focus on the non-formal sector, with great emphasis on promotion of female education and vocational skills on marketable skills.
Attention to environment is a part of its long-term development approach, as environmental protection is a precondition to sustainable development (a development that is culturally and ecologically acceptable, socially just and economically viable).

Environment / Health / Education / Income Generation / Humanitarian interventions


Candlelight is a member of the following networks:

• NAGAAD - women umbrella organization
• COSONGO - the Consortium for Somaliland Non-governmental Organizations
• RMSN – Resource Management Somali Network
• SAHAN – Somaliland HIV/AIDS Network
• National Technical Committee for Female Genital Mutilation Eradication
• SOFSEN – Somaliland Food Security Network
• SCFP - Somaliland Civic Forum for Peace
• INTRAC - International Network to Analyse, Communicate and Transform the
• Campaign against FGM
• Somaliland Education Coordination Body
• SEPROG – Somali Education Promotion Group, a network bringing together 5 organization in Somaliland, Somalia/Puntland
• Food Security and Rural Development Coordination Body
• Income Generation Working Group
• Technical committee member for the capacity building programme for LNGOs (a project funded by International Cooperation for Development)
• Advisory Committee member for Africa Educational Trust (AET) programmes in Somaliland
• National Technical Committee for Female Genital Mutilation Eradication


1) Improving primary health care, health promotion programs and women’s reproductive health.
2) Advancing education by the provision of facilities for schooling and other learning opportunities as well as vocational training for the youth whose educational opportunities were interrupted by the civil wars.
3) Participate in the improvement of the environment through awareness raising, reforestation, and gully erosion control by involving beneficiary communities.
4) To upgrade the living conditions of low-income women and pastoralists by helping them through income generation and diversification activities.


Candlelight has a proven track record of activities and good working relationship with some of the international NGOs and UN agencies in Somaliland and elsewhere, as well as, Somalilanders residing in the Diaspora. The number of projects implemented since its inception are over forty in the four major sectors (health, education, environment and income generation)), which are detailed in the next page.

Interventions in the environmental management sector
- soil conservation and gully control
- reforestation
- awareness raising and community training on the principles of resource management
- establishment of demonstration sites for range improvement activities
- planting of endangered (indigenous) tree species
- Publication of a bi-monthly environmental newsletter
- Reduction of dependence on biomass energy resource through production of improved mud stoves and introduction of kerosene stoves.
- Income diversification for rural communities, particularly the nomads instead of depending on livestock alone. Some of the projects in the area include bee-keeping, production of henna, quasil and other renewable nature-based products.

NRM team members
a) Ahmed Derie Elmi Team Leader
b) Abdirazak Bahsir Member
c) Abdul-qani Suleiman Member
d) Khadra Omer Hassan Member
e) Sahra Kahin Member

Reports, studies and publications
1) DEEGAANKEENNA bi-monthly environmental newsletter
2) Impact assessment of Dulcad Range Reserve Restoration
3) Domestication and propagation of henna



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We thank our partner

for their support and cooperation.
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