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Sunday, 18 October 2009 12:02

Organization Name:Environment and animal health organization (ENAHO )
Geographical coverage : southern zone lower shabelle , Middle jubba , Lower jubba , Banadir .
Sectoral focus: environment and animal health.

Activities implemented:

Community training in natural resource and animal health .
focusing tree and livestock , major degradation area , vigilant committees to protect natural resource such as wild life exploitation , forest exploitation such as charcoal production and illegal cutting of mango trees , awareness rising weekly through local and international media , stake holder analysis and mapping , capacity building , advocate for impact assessment prior to forest and wild life exploitation , improvement of water sanitary .


Working toward mobilizing and encouraging the Somali community to protect and sustain management of their natural resource and focus on disseminating holistic management in order to bring positive change to degraded area .


organization strives for wholeness in management of our natural land bringing understanding and healing to regain in stable productivity ecosystem only in that way can human livelihood improve and wildlife thrive , generating foundation of happy , healthy , peaceful and just society .

More than 100.000 inhabitants of the above mentioned regions .


The organization has been established since 1992 and registered by Unisom at humanitarian division and was called Wardo .

In 1996 the resource management Somalia network ( RMSN ) was initiated and
established to improve the depleting natural resource through a system of team working toward natural resource and the name was changed to Lower shaballe team which has been intervening and carrying out resource utilization assessment and ecological study .
These high lighted on the need for environmental conservation and designing the program that will heal the continuation of environmental degradation and animal health and created development initiatives to community based management.

However due to expansion of core activities by increasing demand on natural resource management and animal health care , the name has been changed to ENAHO which will cover both environment and animal health since we have two veterinarian doctors in the organization .


  • To work with local community to address the conservation of natural resource and animal health in order to restore the balance between human and environment.
  • To improve quality of life of the community through the promotion of the productivity and production system that are sustainable.
  • To support community in resolving resource based conflict .
  • To monitor and document animal health as well as environmental issues in all coverage area .
  • To increase public environmental awareness and advocacy through training, meeting, media.
    To generate environmental data base .
  • Ensuring the sustainable development and equitable use of resource that takes in to account by future generation.

1. Dr. Mohamed Elmi Soyan
2. Dr. Jeylani Busuri Sh. Mayow
3. Amina Sh. Abdulahi
4. Khadija Ali Omar
5. Fadumo Ibrahim warsam.


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